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    Ella is the lead singer in the band. She plays a variety of instruments like the guitar, ukulele, piano, steel pan and tambourine.


   Ella likes to listen to Taylor Swift and pop music. She loves to sketch and paint. Ella enjoys reading, art, baking, collecting miniatures (tiny versions of things that are actually big in real life), and of course, listening to and playing music. She also has a dog named Willow, a two year old shihtzu-poodle  who she loves very much!


    Mayumi is the drummer of the band. She has been playing the drums for about 5 years, and plays many other instruments such as the piano, steel pan, clarinet,  ukulele and a variety of other percussion instruments. 


    She enjoys listening to K-pop (Korean pop), mainly BTS, watching videos about BTS and many more activities that include BTS to use up her spare time. Her hobbies include cooking, baking, sleeping, watching T.V., going on devices, drawing and many more.


  Anjela is the rhythm guitarist of the band, and also one of the backup vocalists. Other instruments she can play include the ukulele, steel pan and bass clarinet.


  Anjela loves listening to Daniel Caesar, Jorja Smith, and a variety of R&B songs. She likes to collect stationary and write calligraphy. Anjela's favourite hobbies are going shopping, eating tacos, trying new foods and using her phone.


    Gia is the bassist of the band, but she also plays other instruments such as the piano, ukulele, steel pan and the clarinet.


   Gia likes songs that are perfect for dancing and vibing. She also likes Christmas music and songs with cool bass riffs. Her hobbies include reading, sketching and digital art. She is interested in Webtoons and directing. She enjoys doing stuff with friends, eating fried rice and ramen, staying up late, and sleeping in. 


    Sophia is the lead guitarist and one of the three backup vocalists in the band. She also plays the piano, drums, ukulele, steel pan and flute.


    You can often find her listening to musical theatre and movie soundtracks. Sophia is interested in space and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She enjoys watching movies, TV shows and cartoons, watching YouTube videos, reading books, hanging out with her friends, baking, and eating pastries and sushi.


    Marianne, also known as Mar, is the keyboardist and one of the backup vocalists of the band. She can also play the piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, steel pan, and the saxophone.


  She loves listening to K-pop music by a band called BTS, and other music genres too.  She is the band member who eats the fastest.  In her spare time she enjoys eating, sleeping, watching YouTube videos, reading, drawing, listening to and playing music.