Ella is the lead singer in the band and she is also the youngest. She plays a variety of instruments like the guitar, ukulele, piano, steel pan, flute and tambourine.


   Ella loves listening to K-pop, especially BTS. BTS has inspired her to follow her dreams no matter how big or small they may be. She enjoys listening to all types of music and is very open to listening to different kinds of songs no matter the language or genre. In her spare time, you'll often find her sketching, bullet journalling, or reading. She also loves to watch K-dramas and tv shows with her friends but no matter what, you'll always find her listening to music!


    Mayumi is the drummer of the band. She has been playing the drums for about 6-7 years and can play numerous other instruments such as the piano, clarinet and ukulele.


    She enjoys listening to K-pop, KR&B, ballads, and other songs she can just vibe with. She also takes interest in learning Korean, watching Youtube, Kdramas, sleeping, eating, and meeting other people. She likes the quote, "If it tastes delicious, then it's zero calories." 


    Anjela is the rhythm guitarist of the band, as well as one of the backup vocalists. Aside from the guitar being her main instrument, she likes to experiment with the piano, ukulele, and a variety of other instruments.


     Anjela enjoys having fun with her friends, trying new foods and playing video games. She will beat you in Minecraft, Roblox and many more games. She loves everything Christmas and her taste in music is always differing, but she especially loves R&B and any song that she can vibe to. she's always listening to her playlist. A few more of her hobbies and interests include fashion, baking, art and travelling.


    Gia is the bassist of the band, but she also plays other instruments such as the piano, ukulele, steel pan and the clarinet.


   Gia loves songs with chill vibes and smooth bass riffs. She will also listen to Christmas music year round. Her hobbies include making breakfast, reading, sketching and digital art. She is interested in film, webcomics and design and will binge her favourite fictions all night long. She loves The Lord of the Rings, The Mandalorian and a few anime series.


    Sophia is the lead guitarist and one of the backup vocalists of the band, but she also plays the piano, drums, ukulele, steel pan, flute, and clarinet.


 Sophia loves listening to musical theatre, movie soundtracks, and soft pop. She is an avid reader and writer, and especially loves the Percy Jackson series. She  fervently despises the movie adaptations. Sophia's hobbies include baking, taking photos, spending time with her friends, doodling, filming and editing videos, shopping for clothes, and watching coming-of-age films. 


    Marianne, also known as Mar, is the keyboardist and one of the backup vocalists of the band. She has been taking piano lessons since the age of six and still continues till this day. She can also play guitar, bass, ukulele, steel pan, and the saxophone.


  She enjoys vibing to music genres like R&B, K-pop and 80's inspired music. Aside from listening to and playing music in her spare time, she enjoys watching YouTube, shopping, growing plants, learning languages, sleeping and eating. She loves cheesecake and gets angry when you bother her during mealtimes. She wants to travel the world, see many places and taste new foods in the future.


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